In the second half of 2016, the Asociación Nuevos Caminos AC in Mexico City has developed its Community Center for Child Development “San José”, in the settlement Jardines de San Juan Ajusco, in Santo Tomás Ajusco (Mexico City), to offer Preschool education, daily dining service, psychological treatment and early stimulation to a total of 108 boys and girls under 6 years of age, of whom 40 were new students.

Foto cedida por Nuevos Caminos

Children in kindergarten have been attended from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm: they have had breakfast, lunch and a mid-morning meal, as well as preschool and physical education. Each week, moreover, they have been evaluated by an early stimulation educator to perform group activities and to identify children who had a certain delay in their development. Of the total of the 108 children, 26 cases were detected with some type of inappropriate behavior (aggressiveness, apathy, psychomotor delays …) and teachers are already working with the children individually and, with their parents, to attend their needs and / or resolve their conflicts. This course 2016/2017, it is also planned that the teachers receive training in pedagogical attention to better develop their tasks.



This children’s center is located within the Jardines de San Juan Ajusco settlement. Since 2001, Nuevos Caminos has as main objectives to help the 800 families that live there and that have problems of health and nutrition, lack of educational services for preschool children, school drop-out by young people and lack of training in general, but above all, among women. To this end, the Association is developing different activities, such as care for minors, promotion of women, parenting and school regularization of primary and secondary school children.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation collaborates from Mexico with this initiative of Abriendo Nuevos Caminos AC in Mexico City, to reinforce education, nutrition and training projects among families living in this area and help them to improve their quality of life .

Photos courtesy of Abriendo Nuevos Caminos AC in Mexico City