On January 16th, Marta Bazán and Mónica Guerra, two professionals trained in oncological aesthetics, started their volunteer work in the Fundación Tejerina, Madrid. The foundation has a Breast disease center, created in the 70’s under the scientific direction of Armando Tejerina, who based his model on the experience of the first Spanish breast disease unit created by his father, professor Florencio Tejerina.

Fundación Tejerina was established on November 5th, 1998 to promote the development, dissemination and promotion of all kinds of studies related to health care, life care and cancer, especially breast cancer. Nowadays this foundation is a prominent reference point in cancer research as well as an important discussion forum. It leads and promotes many high-tech research projects, not only in the field of breast pathology but also in health and life science, law, bioethics and medical humanities.

On the occasion of World Breast Cancer Day in 2016, the Fundación Tejerina organized a special meeting point workshop in self-care, open to all people at no cost. Dr. Antonio Tejerina, director of the Fundación Tejerina’s plastic, repair and aesthetic surgery unit, introduced the workshop that was divided into two parts. First, Ana Vilamanyá, advisor on oncological aesthetics for Fundación Ricardo Fisas, led a master-class in skincare guidelines for those undergoing medical oncologic treatment. She highlighted the importance of moisturizing and protecting the skin, even more so during oncologic treatment. She taught all participants the guidelines to follow during and after the treatments and ended by teaching how to self-massage one’s hands, which helps to decrease stress. The second part of the workshop, about detox juices, was led by Marisa Fernandez, a nutrition and food expert.

Photos provided by the Tejerina foundation