On the 8th and 9th of May, a second group of beauticians performed the second level of the oncology aesthetics course, which has an eminently practical and solidary vocation. In order for aestheticians to be able to practice specific skin treatments in people who are on cancer treatment, Juani, who is a user of our program, volunteered with other fourteen women to the Natura Bissé headquarters where the course was held. At the end of the day, she sent us this letter which we transcribe below, as a way of expressing our most sincere thanks for his words:

“Today is a very happy day in my life. Right now I’m on a cloud I can not believe the day I’ve had! But I’m not the only one who thinks about it. There are about fourteen people with whom I spoke today who think the same thing as I do. And that is due to wonderful people who work for Natura Bissé and who have granted us a day, as if we had asked for Aladdin’s lamp, because it has been like in a story.

We arrived at the Foundation about 9.30 AM. There María Mata and Ana Vilamanyà, whom I love very much, because she is a special person who has given me so much give us the welcome. We were taken to the locker room to get our slippers and bathrobe. And, from there on, it was wonderful: they gave us treatments in the skin and in all areas of the body, especially in the chest, because, due to radiotherapies, most of us have been quite spoiled. All in a relaxing atmosphere with background music, with wonderful people, who made us treatments with Natura Bissé brand products.

The beauticians have been angels for each of the users: they and the Foundation have given us a wonderful day “

An angel for each cancer patient. María and Anna were guiding the angels, as if it were a great orchestra. So far, everything would be fantastic! But the story did not end here: we were offered a mid-morning breakfast and a wonderful meal, which nothing to envy to thefive stars hotels.

And after dinner, he followed the beautiful story: two girls who represented Jorge de La Garza offered us a wide range of products for makeup, special for people with skin as sensitive as us. They made up the first one of us so that the beauticians could see the steps to follow. And, again, each angel chose who to make up. And we end the afternoon, beautiful. We are women who have been a minimum of one year of oncological treatments, which have been a nightmare, that we have spent a very hard time and we are very punished and very sensitive.

I have spoken to others and am expressing what we have all said. This is a gift from heaven. When my partner saw me, he told me he was gorgeous. Thank you, to all who have made this day so special for us!”.