Become a volunteer

Would you like to volunteer for the oncology aesthetics program?

To become a volunteer in our oncology skin care program you are required to have a university or post graduation degree or more than 10 years of experience, as well as being specialized in aesthetic oncology with aesthetic cabin treatments as your main activity. If you have not yet been trained and would like to do so, we recommend our Professional Course in Oncology Skin Care. And if you have already been trained in oncology skin care treatments but would like to volunteer as a professional in your local area, contact us through this email.

Would you like to volunteer for other Foundation programs?

The Foundation also has a number of external professionals. If you have work experience you would like to share with us and you can dedicate a few hours or more, contact us through this email and we will explain how you can help in the different projects that we are carrying out.

Thanks to everyone we are a great team!