Professional course in Oncology Skin Care

A necessary specialization

As a professional aesthetician, you can do your socially responsible part from within the beauty industry, bringing wellbeing to people affected by cancer. This could even be a new career challenge for you.

In fact, up to one-in-four of your clients could be diagnosed with this illness at some point in their life. At the Foundation, we are very aware of the new needs this imposes. Therefore, we created a training program aimed at highly-skilled aestheticians and those with more than 10 years’ experience in the field whose main activity is the realization of treatments in the cabin..

Each year, the Foundation trains an average of 60 aestheticians, each of whom receive a Diploma of Recognition for their participation in our Oncology Skin Care courses, in partnership with the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME).

What can we offer you?


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Course program. We apologize the texts have not been translated into english yet. >>Download here


Use this map to find the centers where aestheticians who have attended previous training cycles currently work. This is an effective way of creating a national network to offer those suffering the illness private, safe and professional service.

All previous courses

Since November 2010:

14 editions of level one Oncology Skin Care

50 editions of level two

Since November 2012:

26 magazines to support on-going training in oncology skin care


880 aestheticians trained