“We want to thank all of the organizations for the opportunities they have given us to share experiences and projects.”

Excellent organizations, whose values and management are in line with ours, work closely with people who are living with situations that make them more vulnerable. In this case, our role is nothing more than to connect with and support their programs to the extent that we are able

  • Sharing contacts
  • Providing financial support to make the program viable
  • Forming part of its value chain
  • With the support of Natura Bissé’s corporate volunteers.


This year, we collaborate with:

The Stanpa Foundation is a nonprofit organization promoted by Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics) that aims to support women with cancer, helping them to restore their own image, regain self esteem and carry forward their fight against the disease with greater confidence, through the implementation in Spain of the international program “Look good, feel better”.

Its Board of Trustees is made up of Stanpa, 14 cosmetic companies and 13 collaborating companies.

The Roure Foundation was established in 1992 in the neighborhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera, in Barcelona. The organization now consists of 33 employees and over 110 volunteers. Its main objective is to meet the basic needs of the economically disadvantaged elderly and families living in the Ciutat Vella district. The Foundation tries to reach out to where local authorities do not.

The Foundation Roure’s core principles are speedy intervention with support and teamwork. Its projects cover all needs: food distribution, a shop, a cooperative laundry, a community day center, home help, family meals and a community shower service. Furthermore, they organize a Community Collective Store which also collaborates with other social organizations.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation works together with the Roure Foundation on these projects and support their initiatives as well as the projects that try to generate income for others who have deficiencies. The Community Collective Store is managed by a network of volunteers and offers a range of goods (clothes, toys, school supplies…) in good condition and aims at the goal of increasing sales.

The Associació Catalana d’Integració i Desenvolupament Humà (acidH) is a public utility entity that has been working since 1994 to provide services for people lacking resources, with Intellectual Disability. Its main function is to provide services to cover people’s social, work and educational needs and thus improve their quality of life.
People with IL are those whose intellectual abilities are just below what is considered normal according to the World Health Organization. In addition, they present a deficit in their ability to adapt in at least two of the following areas: communication, personal care, home life, social/interpersonal skills, community resource utilization, self-control, academic skills, work, leisure, health and safety. These deficits make them especially vulnerable in terms of personal, social, educational and labor difficulties in regards to dealing with the demands of their environment, which means it is necessary to adjust support according to every individual.
The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation collaborates with acidH in terms of speech therapy and psychology grants for people with limited intelligence who are receiving treatment for dyslexia, TDH and other special needs.

Decupaz, a foundation located in Mexico that promotes peace stable good social coexistence through sport and culture, has developed a project to rebuild homes and recover local premises in the Magdalena Contreras Delegation (southwest of Mexico City), one of the areas where aid has not yet reached since the earthquake of September 2017.

The plan includes the construction of a shelter that will accommodate people who have been left homeless. Once the works are completed, the building will be used as premises for social services for the community.

In the second phase, the project focuses on the reconstruction of homes. Different models have been designed according to the needs of each family, the number of people that make up each, the conditions of the land, etc.

Finally, an adobe brick factory will be built. They will train members of the community help them become self-sufficient.  This initiative is  supported by the Government of Mexico City and the alliance of two specialized companies: Workshop 13 Architects and Bio reconstructs Mexico.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation has reached an agreement of collaboration with Decupaz to help make this exciting project succeed.

We have been very lucky to collaborate in the past with

The Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of helping young people and adults with Asperger Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) offering them an environment where they can make friends, study, and find job opportunities.

It was born in 2004 and since then offers services aimed to promote personal autonomy of people with autism. The Foundation’s activities are also focused on provide families with support and on disseminating this disorder. They offer services in the educational, recreational and work environments, promote personal autonomy, and provide families with support. They argue that a person with Asperger’s Syndrome, with a bit of support, can go far away.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation collaborates with the Friends Foundation through two scholarships aimed at professionalizing the entity.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation collaborated until 2017 on the initiative that Nuevos Caminos manages in Mexico, whose purpose is to strengthen local capacities -through education, nutrition and training projects so that people from the communities become more autonomous and can substantially improve their living conditions. In this way, they promote personal development in a holistic sense, especially in those areas where there are greater social or economic deficiencies, promoting in turn sustainable and continued local development.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation also collaborated from 2011 to 2014 in the educational project that the New Paths Association carries out in Meki (Ethiopia). The purpose of this initiative was to provide scholarships for students from 5 of the 45 educational centers that belong to the Apostolic Vicariate. School expenses of 729 students were covered for four years.

The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation is a member of the program “Safe food and drinking water: Guarani women of Bolivia’s Chaco region” developed by Intermón Oxfam.

The main objective of the project is to ensure that Guarani women and their families – made up of some 600 families, 3,500 people in total – have adequate food and access to water. The Intermón Oxfam project has improved agricultural and livestock production systems in indigenous Garani communities. This is done through support to help the women manage their land and implement sustainable, climate change-adaptable production practices in the Itika Guasu and Caraparí zones of the Bolivian Chaco.

Cáritas is a humanitarian organization focusing on assistance, development and social service, in the fight against poverty, exclusion, intolerance and discrimination. The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation has collaborated with Cáritas in some of its important programs.

The Música del Corazón Foundation is a non-profit organization created in Monterrey in 2003 to make the dreams of Mexico’s child cancer patients come true. The foundation is made up of groups of energetic young people, brimming with initiative and enthusiasm, who are dedicated to spreading happiness, bringing smiles, improving children’s state of mind and encouraging their recovery from the disease. The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation has supported this initiative occasionally.

Pro Mujer has worked in Bolivia for the past 20 years. The main aim of the organization is to raise funds for micro-credits to help the most underprivileged Bolivian families set up small local businesses.
From 2008 to 2011, the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation worked in partnership with Pro Mujer as Ricardo Fisas Mulleras felt a close personal bond with the country in which he spent 4 enlightening years (from 1952 to 1956).