For your dedication and courage, for being there for all of us, without fainting, thank you. The professional aesthetics sector and Natura Bissé join forces to thank you for your commitment and dedication to what they do best: take care of your skin.

If you are health personnel, they offer you a free repairing treatment. A complete facial and body ritual, 60 minutes long, that you can enjoy by appointment. Because you have left your skin, today, you are invited to relax and enjoy.

“During the last weeks, and after our first donation of repairing creams and balms, we have been working to expand and continue our contribution.

Today more than ever, we are committed to collaborative work between entities, which is the best way to carry out a large project. Together with the packaging company Prohima International and the printing company Ipe, we created and donated 800,000 single-dose face and hand moisturizer. The products are destined for hospitals, thanks to the Quirón Salud group, and residences, thanks to CEAPS. The initiative seeks to alleviate the secondary effects that the constant use of PPE and protective materials causes on the skin of healthcare personnel.

Nothing makes us more than continuing to help a group that has given us so much in this Covid crisis.”

“At Natura Bissé, we donate 19,500 single-dose hand creams to hospitals so that the health workers can cope with the side effects (dryness, irritation …) that repeated hygiene and the use of gloves cause on the skin. We are excited to support a group that is giving everything for us these days.

In addition, on behalf of our collaborating beauty centers, we also donated the 5,000 nutritional balms that were part of the Beauty Lovers Day celebration plan. Our International Beauty Day should be celebrated today and, for the first time, as a charity edition.

Thanks to the Barcelona College of Physicians for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to help taking care of the skin of those who need it. Thanks to the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation for channeling and making all these social actions possible today, and always.”

Faced with the social emergency caused by Covid-19, we thank and join Càritas Barcelona‘s effort to be by the side of those who need it most. We have contributed with a significant financial and material donation that in the next 3 months will cover the basic needs (housing, food, hygiene) of families and people at risk of social exclusion.

Natura Bissé thus doubles its annual contribution in social action, channeled through Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation for the last 10 years. A non-profit organization that has its own programs in hospitals and schools, to which are now added specific actions that respond to such essential needs as food and housing.

Oncology Aesthetics

Look after yourself and be looked after

Our Oncology Aesthetics Program includes free individualized treatments, as well as specialized courses for aestheticians.

Project Difference

We don’t all learn the same way

We provide support for children with learning differences so they can learn to read and write properly, thereby offering 360º support within an inclusive school.


Social services promotion and international cooperation

We work in partnership with national and international organizations who support those who are the most vulnerable.

The three key aspects

Our Oncology Aesthetic program is possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteers, hospitals, associations, and others.


Aestheticians are a fundamental part of our project. If you are interested in receiving this specialized training, find out more here.

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