The Foundation, given the exceptional situation we are experiencing and following the recommendations of the health authorities, has ceased all activity in schools and hospitals. If it is helpful to you, you can contact us by phone 628 500 600, by email or download the self care guidelines for skin care.
We are convinced that we will soon leave this stage behind and, with everyone’s effort, we will fully function again, with more conviction and motivation than ever. Also, from the Foundation we want to convey our most sincere admiration to all the professionals who are working hard these days.

Oncology Aesthetics

Look after yourself and be looked after

Our Oncology Aesthetics Program includes free individualized treatments, as well as specialized courses for aestheticians.

Project Difference

We don’t all learn the same way

We provide support for children with learning differences so they can learn to read and write properly, thereby offering 360º support within an inclusive school.


Social services promotion and international cooperation

We work in partnership with national and international organizations who support those who are the most vulnerable.

The three key aspects

Our Oncology Aesthetic program is possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteers, hospitals, associations, and others.


Aestheticians are a fundamental part of our project. If you are interested in receiving this specialized training, find out more here.

Do you want to help us?

Purchase charitable products

The Foundation offers a range of charitable products. Through your purchases we will be able to increase the number of free treatments offered.

Become a volunteer

Get involved in what we do through volunteering. Even with small gestures, we can achieve great changes together.


Get involved in all of the Foundation’s projects. By supporting us, you will be contributing to the holistic wellbeing of those most in need.

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