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Oncology skin care

Professional skin care during cancer treatments

Oncology skin care can prevent and improve the potential side effects of cancer treatment. This specialization aims to help people feel better.

Professionals trained in oncology skin care through the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation support those who need it most.

Did you know cancer treatments may cause skin side effects that affect daily quality of life?

Oncology skin care provides personalized, professional and safe skin care during cancer treatments that can cause itchiness, flaking or extreme dryness. This helps minimize skin discomfort and improve quality of life, making it easier for people to stick to their medical treatment plans.

Did you know oncology skin care specialists know how to treat body and skin with the utmost respect, and can help improve well-being during illness?

Trained expert beauty therapists are able to provide the most suitable care, including for chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy, which can have different skin side effects. They have learned to care for scars and skin side effects, they know the most suitable products, the areas that can be treated and the questions you need to ask your doctor. They have also learned how to listen with empathy and to create moments of real relaxation.

Did you know oncology massages can also improve well-being?

Specific massages are available at different stages of the cancer journey, to improve relaxation and well-being. The Memorial Sloan Keterring Cancer Center (MSK) in New York carried out a study involving 1,290 patients. They confirmed that oncology massage improved pain in 48% of cases, fatigue (42%) and depression (49%) in people receiving treatment for cancer.

A specialist aesthetician can provide numerous options to help people feel better. It’s about more than beauty. They also create a calm space that feels safe and quiet, where people can take a break from the disease.

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Do you know moisturization is essential?


The right level of moisture is essential for healthy skin. The skin care treatments for people receiving cancer treatments available at these centers include: Facial Hydration, Deep Body Hydration, Scalp Hydration, Hand and Foot Hydration, Hydration Before Radiotherapy and Hydration After Radiotherapy.

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Thanks to our volunteers, the Foundation provides free skin care treatments for people receiving cancer therapy at hospitals and patient associations in Spain.

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