“Can we use anti-cellulite creams?”, “what can we answer when asked which product they can use?”, “where do we redirect them when they tell us that they want to collaborate with the Foundation?”. Eight volunteers from Catalonia had asked all these questions during the eighth day of training oncological aesthetics organized by the Foundation, which was dedicated to the workshop “How to organize a workshop self-care guidelines?”, on Monday, February the 6th.

This 2017, the aestheticians will do this type of workshops in groups of up to ten people, who are sure to ask all kinds of questions. For this reason, technical advisers on oncological aesthetics, Ana Vilamayà and Maria Mata, offered theoretical information to explain how they should prepare the self-care guidelines workshop. Then, in groups of two and three beauticians held practical workshops to that the Foundation trainers could assess what they were doing correctly and in what areas they should improve their exposure.

Furthermore, during the day, the technical advisors of the Foundation presented the new satisfaction tests to be answered by the patients, they remembered the main issues of the collaboration agreement with the hospitals and they delivered new gowns to carry out their volunteer work.

The Foundation carries out three training sessions a year for voluntary beauticians. For those residing in Catalonia is a face-to-face training, while for those of Murcia, Ciudad Real and Madrid, the training is done by Skype or by telephone.