To the right, Rosa Maria is the second and, Lluïsa, the third

Lluïsa Guil and Rosa Maria Auguets are voluntary estheticians at the Sant Joan de Déu hospital in Manresa (Barcelona). Both of them met in the oncological aesthetics course of the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation at Clínica Planas in 2011 and, since October 2014, share their solidarity adventure.
How do you organize volunteering in the hospital?
RS (Rosa Maria Auguets): One afternoon a week I go and the next, Lluïsa. The same day that we go, when we finish, we call to comment what we have applied to each patient, how he was during the treatment, etc.
LG (Lluïsa Gil): I have my own center and every afternoon that I have to come here, I organize the agenda to work until midday.
What do you do if either of you has a setback?
RA: If either of us has something that day and can not go, we tell it and we cover ourselves.
LG: We help each other a lot. It is very easy to collaborate with Rosa Maria because we have become very good friends.

Rosa Maria: For me it is a prize to be able to attend to these people”

Rosa Maria told her experience as a volunteer in the last course of oncological aesthetics

What do you like most about volunteering?
RA: Helping patients. I have the feeling of doing it as if I could have helped my father, who died of cancer.
LG: The tranquility that patients give you, because they receive more than expected and thank you very much. You receive much more than you give and the smile of gratitude with which patients respond to you is the best!
What do you least like?
RA: The paperwork!
LG: But there is little and it is necessary…*

Lluïsa: Volunteering enriches me a lot as a person and as a beautician

What is the percentage of women and men you have of patients?
RA: In our hospital is where more men come.
LG: Every day, we have about 2 of a total of 6 patients that we treat.
What do your family, friends … tell you about your volunteer work?
RA: It has helped me a lot in my personal life, because it has made me put everyday things in place.
LG: My daughters came to see me and they were pleasantly surprised. The oldest has already told me that she also wants to volunteer.

Ana Rosa at the roundtable of the oncology aesthetics course

* Volunteers must fill out the user’s files and make a monthly report.