Last Saturday, April the 22nd, María Mata, technical adviser in oncological aesthetics of the Foundation Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé, collaborated in the second participatory day about quality of life and breast cancer “Entre nosaltres” organized by the Hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau de Barcelona. Our beautician offered a workshop to 22 attendees on “Aesthetic treatment: self-massage”, in which she explained that the self-care guidelines are simple solutions that are adapted to each person, depending on how chemotherapy affects the skin cells and the scalp.

The possible effects of chemotherapy on the skin are dryness, erythema, rashes and blemishes

María Mata explained that during chemotherapy, the patient can prepare the skin with neutral pH soap, moisturize it with aloe vera and mango and shea butter, and protect face, scalp and body with SPF30 and SPF50 factor.
She talked too about why it is so important to know about self-care of the skin during radiotherapy, because the skin changes and in the radiated area and nearby areas it is necessary to hydrate the skin well a month before radiotherapy, immediately after each session and for several weeks thereafter; as well as using high sun protection.

María Mata explained that people in treatment can receive moisturizing massages, so they benefit physically and mentally, but always with prior medical consent. Also they themselves can realize automasajes with a very simple movements that the same attendees to the event had occasion to realize.