The autobiography

“How would you feel if on the day you turned 50, your company told you that you were fired?”.

On January 17th, 1979, Ricardo Fisas decided he needed to fight for his wife and four children. He decided to start from the beginning again, by creating his own company from scratch. This is how NATURA BISSÉ came to be; a cosmetics company which today is a global leader in the world of beauty.

“It is my experience. It is my whole life. Everything I say emanates spontaneously from the depths of my memory”.


In his autobiography, “Brushstrokes of a Lifetime”, Ricardo Fisas recounts his memories and experiences first hand, simply and naturally.
The story of his life made into a book. Published in October 2010, whose cover he decided to illustrate with brush strokes from a painting he himself painted and which served as an inspiration for the title of the autobiography.

Some stories are so special they deserve to be told. Natura Bissé founder Ricardo Fisas’ is, undoubtedly, one of those…”.
Julia Téllez Roca. Lawyer. Director of the Family Business Division and Member of the Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Advisory Board
I’m thinking back, trying to remember the history of my friendship with Ricardo, I think it goes back to 1960 and 1961, when he asked me to work in the ‘cinema booth’ (…)”.


Barcelona, 23rd May, 2010. Feast of Pentecost Ignacio Salvat S.I.

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“Dear Ricardo, I read your book on the flight back to Miami. You’re like a rockstar but in reverse. We start with motorbikes and end up in a monastery. It is an important book for these times of crisis in Spain when a lot of people are having to face up to starting again later in life”.

Nacho Cano. Composer, musician, producer.

“I finished the book after dinner and the first thing I said was “WHAT A GUY!” An incredible guy. I loved the sensitive way you broach subjects and value people. More than anything I was left with the spirit you shared of never letting yourself be beaten, of enjoying what you’ve got. Congratulations”.

Carmen Ferrer. Relative.

“I devoured your book. It took less than three evenings to read it. I truly loved it. I laughed and I was moved. You are such an interesting guy, cultured, hard-working, family-oriented, Christian (which is none too ‘fashionable’ these days), and a gentleman”.

Ana Velasco. Relative.