Helping those who help

From the 11th to the 18th of July La Fundación Ricardo Fisas  joined and helped out one of the 15 support expeditions organized by the the Fundación Barraquer in Angola. They completed 1300 visits, operated on 426 cataracts and gave away 275 pairs of glasses. IMG_2583

Fundrising dinner in La Bisbal d´Empordá

Over  150 people atended a fundrising dinner organized by Oncolliga Girona and  Selective Distributions Brands (distributor of Natura Bissé) in La Bisbal d´Empordà on July 5th last summer.  Natura Bissé donated products for a drawn during the dinner.  Judith Matas, executive director in the Fundación Ricardo Fisas gave a presentation on all of the Foundation´s programms. We are very grateful for everything done by Oncolliga Girona.

Difference Event

On July 1st Project Difference organized their International Meeting on learning differences in Citilab, Cornellà. DIFFERENCE (2)

1st Participatory day about quality of life and breast cancer

The 1sr Participatory Day in Quality of Life and Breast cancer took place last 6th of June in the Hospital Sant Pau of Barcelona. This is an iniciative of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Service of the Hospital de Sant Pau and the Hospital del Mar with the inter hospital collaboration of doctors, nurses and professionals working in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. The Foundation paticipated with the workshop “Take care of your skin during the treatments”. 12 women were explained self-care guidelines and had the oportunity to practice a hand moisturizing auto treatment. IMG-20150608-WA0012

LAST WORD- The human touch when needed most

  People with cancer should be given access to massage, writes therapy specialist John Holman It was George Bernard Shaw who said: “All progress depends on the unreasonable man “and the pioneering oncologist Dr. Simonton was one such fellow. What he suggested in the early 1970s was considered almost heredical for a traditionally trained doctor; namely, that patients diagnosed and being treated for cancer could be helped better by combining orthodox science with a holistic mind-body approach that included massage, meditation and positive thinking. Now considered one of the true pioneers in cancer treatment, Simonton followed this approach from 1978 until his death in 2009 and not only was he honoured by the American Medical Association,