Nuevos Caminos develops its San José preschool center in Mexico


In the second half of 2016, the Asociación Nuevos Caminos AC in Mexico City has developed its Community Center for Child Development “San José”, in the settlement Jardines de San Juan Ajusco, in Santo Tomás Ajusco (Mexico City), to offer Preschool education, daily dining service, psychological treatment and early stimulation to a total of 108 boys and girls under 6 years of age, of whom 40 were new students.

Foto cedida por Nuevos Caminos

Children in kindergarten have been attended from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm: they have had breakfast,

New collaboration in oncological aesthetics with Fundación Tejerina

On January 16th, Marta Bazán and Mónica Guerra, two professionals trained in oncological aesthetics, started their volunteer work in the Fundación Tejerina, Madrid. The foundation has a Breast disease center, created in the 70’s under the scientific direction of Armando Tejerina, who based his model on the experience of the first Spanish breast disease unit created by his father, professor Florencio Tejerina.

Fundación Tejerina was established on November 5th, 1998 to promote the development, dissemination and promotion of all kinds of studies related to health care,

L´Olivera Association, Manresa

On October 22nd, L´Olivera, an association for mutual help to cope with breast cancer, organized and event for patients who had completed their oncologic treatment. Judith Mata, Executive Chief of the Fundación Ricardo Fisas, participated in the round table. The title of her talk was “Skin care beyond the cosmetic treatment”, which dealt with the positive effects skin care has on your mood and outlook on life. Lólivera Manresa

San José Centre, México

For many years Natura Bissé has been colaborating with the Centro San José in Mexico, where approximately 105 children from around 1 to 5 years old are cared for. Currently they are renovating part of the school, the dining room and various classrooms. Ana Bofill, one of Natura Bissé’s employees, went there to help with the painting.

The Fundción Stanpa receives the Salón Look award

Logo Ponte guapa nov.2015 On the 28nd of September the program for cancer patients “ponte guapa te sentirás mejor” by the Fundación Stanpa received the “Salón look” award for the best solidarity support action. This program hasn´t stop growing since 2012 and currently there are 22 public hospitals in Spain that are participating and where 1,500 women receiveiving oncologic treatment have been able to improve their outlook on life by joining one of the free makeup workshops done there. 30 perfume and cosmetic companies, and Natura Bisse as member of the board, are the responsable for this project. They have colaborated actively to help women with cancer face their illness more positively.